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Bitch Freeze - Beauty Drives Us To Insanity..

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February 23rd, 2010

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11:01 pm - Bitch Freeze
For fucks sake, here we are a month and a bit since my last posting and its STILL FUCKING SNOWING! How Clique of me to mention the weather like every other fucker on facebook. If snow were cocaine, id have half a nostril left daniella westbrook style. I snorted a refresher once to see what it would do. I am lucky to have a face left.

I cannot even be fucked to write whats been going on this week. So instead I am gonna say that I hope you all get arse raped by vertically challenged obese bitch monkeys who have missed their monthly rabbies shot. Not because I am in a bad mood, just because it reminds me of a sexual encounter I had once and someone else should suffer for it.

Hey ho, off to snort some snow

V x
Current Mood: coldcold

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