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Beauty Drives Us To Insanity..

7 May
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I'm Passionate, Opinionated, and Multi hair coloured(kinda) with hypnotic eyes Sporting a wonderfully naughty kinky side! I`m looking for someone with a genuine heart, who doesn't mess with ur head and has eyes to die for! I `m 5,6 with piercing blue eyes and a heart of Gold and a passion of fire! I like to talk total Bol*acks when im Wee'ed purely for offensive purposes. If you see me in Dempseys or NG1 (which is pretty much every week) Come and say HOLA! I used to be the alternate girl with something offensive written on ma top but im managing to chill it out a bit. I've decided that being Romantic isn't gonna take care of urges so Im having a relationship with my Ann Summers Collection! Save me! I have a tendency to be rather witty, sarcastic and funny when drunk? But loose all sense of speech around girls I want badly! *splutter* I have a passion for Rock music, Bulgaria and America. And If I am honest, I am a writer.. I write about life, I write about passion, I write about whatever spurs my imagineation and my senses. I write about Darkness, I write about light. I write about Domination, I write about submission. I write about Purity, I write about filth. I spend my days working 7 days a week in an attempt to pay off my travelling debts.. Is it working? Nope! I'm loaded but never see a penny of it.. 3 jobs and no days off EVER takes it toll. Apart from being a little gay dyke, I hardly conform to what society wants me to be. For one thing Good Christian girls shouldn't indulge in sexual activity before marriage, with the same sex, and anything far from the Misionary Postion. So as i said, a multi hair coloured, Lesbian, Gothic, Tongue Pierced Dominatrix is hardly what the Church intended for me.
Personality Wize, I Am a Passionate And Sensual Being Who Melts In The Light Of Day,Or In The Eyes Of a Beautiful Woman. With My Mind I Shall Learn Of Who She Is.. With My Body I Shall Commit To Her And Give Her Joy. With My Soul I Shall Break Down The Barriers That Life Has Built So Strong, And Together We Shall Be One x Just gotta find that girl now! lol