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Cocaine Overload - Beauty Drives Us To Insanity..

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January 5th, 2010

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09:56 pm - Cocaine Overload
Its fucking snowing. How rude. You'd think that this councilours of this country would spend less of their money on rent boys and spend more time gritting. Well I guess not! It kind of makes me glad I am not working anymore, can you imagine standing around waiting for someone to put their skanky penis in you wearing nothing but underwear? Id have a constant nip on.. ok so maybe it would improve my customer base.. hmmm...

 I have decided I need a new job. I hate my current one, I dont know if I am gonna go back to whoreville just yet and I am about ready to load of a medium sized automatic shot gun and rampage through the place! I might stop the carnage for just a moment or two to fuck my hot boss, gotta get your perks in these situations.

 I got myself a new girlfriend. Hurray for Candlebaby! She's lovely and sweet and doesn't mind my offbeat sense of humour. There are some shit ass issues tho.. We will see how it goes. If all else fails, I am gonna stalk Amy Lee until she agrees to fuck me and NOT cry rape. That could take some time.

 Snow and fucking peas out

 V x
Current Mood: coldcold

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