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Subby Little Bitch - Beauty Drives Us To Insanity..

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December 31st, 2009

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09:51 am - Subby Little Bitch
A Poem I Wrote When I was 18.. Ahhh The Memories! Ps.. I am the DOMME not the sub, do I look like anyone's bitch??


Beat Me, Bite Me, Tie Me Up,
I'll Worship At Your Feet As I Drink From Your Cup.
Tear Me To Pieces For I Am Your Slave,
Naked And Abanndoned, Alone In Your Cave.
Strap Me Down, My Lips Will Stay Shut,
I'm Your Animal, Your Bitch, Your Whore And Your Slut.
Say I'm So Dirty, Say I'm So Bad,
Drive The Lash Upon My Back Until I Go Mad.
Torture Me, Burn Me, Humiliate And Tease,
You Are My Mistress, I Worship And Please.
The Ground That You Walk On, I Am Not Worthy To Kiss,
The Blow To My Cheek Not Deserving Of My Fist.
Fuck Me, Oh Mistress, Force Me To Say,
I Am Your's Forever, I Am Bound Here To Stay.
Im Nothing To You, Your Decadence Is Clear,
With Your Heels On My Hand, I Shed Not A Tear.
Your Spell Over Me Is Brutal And Cruel,
Im Your Foot-Stool, Your Ash-Tray, Im A Dominated Fool
For You Are My Queen, My Wrath And My Song,
To Love You This Much, I Know It's Not Wrong.
My Body Is Yours, Abuse Me In Your Ways,
My Mistress For Now, Forever And Always.
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