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Fear And Loathing.. - Beauty Drives Us To Insanity..

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September 24th, 2009

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10:41 pm - Fear And Loathing..
Today I faced my biggest fear of all. No, not being rejected by Angelina, Not all my ex girlfriends turning up in one place, no. I went near and held a *shudders* Scorpion for the first time. Considering I am deathly afraid and they make my insides go to jelly when I see them, I was damn proud of myself! It was pretty bloody big and hyperactive as fuck, but I found out that they are only babies and would grow to about the size of my hand. I was offered a chance to see a, and I quote, 'African hairy' one. I politely declined the invitation before soiling myself just a little bit.
 I got some new stuff for my snake Ianto and cleaned her out. I also made a pretty incredible playground paradise for her in the bathroom so she can have plenty of room to stretch about and explore every day. I feel so sorry for her in her enclosure all the time. Shes a rescue snake and has been badly treated by my ex so I am giving her the life and enclosure she deserves! Got my eye on a huge one thats really tall so she can swing from the snake equivalent of the chandeliers and live out her days happy and well fed. Speaking of my bitch ex, I sent her a message yesterday which was harsh even by my standards. Its still dragging the fuck out and still pissing me off. Her shit is still in my house and I have given her til tomorrow to move her fridge, and til next week to get rid of her stuff or its out. I know I keep saying ive had it bla bla but I really have. Altho I do feel a bit bad about how mean I was. But fuck it. Grands and Grands owed do grate on the soul making one a tad 'touchy' so the bitch she can feel my wrath!
 Still haven't managed to sign up with any agencies as of yet. I need to get myself some better underwear. My ex didn't like skinnt girls so I put on weight to get more curvy, now ive lost some again and most of my damn clothes and underwear don't fit. I don't wanna get anything cheap so I will have to invest asap. Still haven't been to the GU yet.. Knowing my luck everyone will remember me from the documentary they did with my feet in stirrups and I will have to share my tale once more of what its like to have a full camera crew in THAT close to your money spinner. Joy.
Right. I am gonna go read the third book of twilight. I am 2 pages in and already want to roast myself at the steak. How can chicks dig that Edward guy? He's nothing special but Bella... Ive seen more personality in a kipper thats been dropped on the floor and covered in shit. Come on love... Get a clue! Urg! I promised about 15 hetrosexual women I know that I would read them as they are 'sooooo amazing!!!' I think I must be reading another book to them.. Exquisite Corpse is my book of choice after this.. I'd take a bite out of Bellas ass any day.. and not in a sexual way...

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