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Two weeks later... I finally get around to being arsed to update.… - Beauty Drives Us To Insanity..

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September 15th, 2009

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11:49 pm
Two weeks later... I finally get around to being arsed to update. Maybe I have a mental 'un-emo' block that prevents me from rushing to the computer at every opportunity to pour out my deepest darkest shit onto a pixelated page. But fuck it, here I am, once again, with so much I wanna rant out, but can't really be bothered!

I am really proud of myself for sending the most epic message to the psycho ex girlfriend. I don't have ttime for niceities especially when shes a attention seeking nut case. She needs to get her shit and get out of my house and leave her keys and a few grand on the way out. I am truely a woman scorned and I was considering fucking someone on her bed but then again, that might be a little low, even for me. If I fuck a midget.. does that count as only half as bad? Or I could just take my friends advise and fart on her pillow to give her pink eye... If I have a curry anytime this week ill bear that in mind...

Work have decided to screw me in the ass with no lube and no thought for a condom so I have been left with little or no choice... I am gonna go back to 'work'. Not that I had really planned it or even really want to, but when they decide that you have to work for a week without pay the day your meant to book a plane ticket to America, needs must. So I am going to sign up with a couple of agencies, take a quick trip to the GU (I know I am clean, I am just too broke to pay for my own condoms) and off I go! I havent fucked a guy in 3 years, knowing my luck king dong will fancy a bit and will be my first client. I may rip in two but providing the money stays in one piece, I am a open (legged) book baby!

Urh. I need a chill out! What I need is a good rave. Somewhere nice and scenic and completely illegal. Where the generator never runs out, the drugs are free and easy and there is lesbian paddling pool oil wrestling to the tune of 'Smack My Bitch Up'. I can't think of a better way to relax! Ive been really good recently and laid off the drugs. Well almost laid of the drugs. Got it down to about once a month and sometimes its Mcat rather than that harder shit. I have a big gig in birmingham this saturday in which my sexy friend L is attending with me. Should be immense fun as there will be a good few celebs to party with (I know the headlining band) afterwards and I am planning on getting completely cained. Altho I have to drive back from the gig so have to stay sober til the after party. Grr. I did attempt to watch V for Vandetta having not slept in two days, coked off my face and considerably stoned. Great film but I could learn quantum physics easier than I followed that. Donnie Darko on Ketamine.. Now THAT was an experience! I have plans on trying out horton heres a who 3D on 2CB.. watch this space...

I am now doing to get a earlish night, lie in bed and plot how best I can piss my ex off. Id sew prawns into the hems of her curtainsbut since she never cleans and never takes her trash out, she'd probably think something had died in her room and would end up suffering the smell anyway.

I don't give a shit.. But if I did, you'd be the first person I'd give one to....

Pea's Out.


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